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    Slingbox in Japan - Remote list


      Hi there


      I just want to let you know that slingbox HD is now sold in japan and SlingMedia setup a website http://slingbox.jp/


      If you are still wondering which DVR or devices you want to hook up with your slingbox in Japan (or if you bought yours few months ago), it is worth to check Slingbox japanese website to know which device has a customised remote setup. See http://slingbox.jp/support/remotelist.html


      Please have look to the "faq" section to find japanese DVR, tvBox, etc Remote files and how to install them: http://slingbox.jp/support/faq.html


      I managed to switch from the "standard" sling remote to a customised Sharp DV-AC82 DVR remote! and I bought my DVR one year ago! Thanks SlingMedia!