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    Using Logitech remote to initiate key sequences on virtual remote




      I have a Logitech Harmony One and a Microsoft RC6 receiver hooked up to my HTPC.  I run SlingPlayer on my htpc.  All of the buttons on my virtual remote are mapped to certain keys on the keyboard (as we all know).  The problem I have is, certain functions, such as record, skip forward, skip back, are mapped to key combinations, such as Ctrl-Shift-R, Ctrl-F, or Ctrl-B.  The Logitech software can't do arbitrary key sequences -- it can do any individual key press, or a few SE function like the Windows shortcut key + a number, or Alt-F4.


      I would like to redefine these keyboard shortcuts so they map to individual buttons.  I thought I had this all figured out from this thread:




      It basically says that the .spr file is really a zip file, and you can directly access the XML files that create these mappings.  Simply edit it, rezip it, and rename it back to .spr.  None of my PCs recognize my DirecTV.spr file as a valid zip archive after renaming it, however.


      I have no access to the SlingBox itself -- I pay somebody to host it for me.


      Not sure where to go from here.  Can anybody offer some help?