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    slow streaming,speed tests good in both slingbox and remote locations


      In the last few days, have experienced huge drop in streaming speed, it is mostly sticking and unwatchable. I have slingbox pro connected to new linksys router in Canada, have remotely logged onto the computer there and booted the slingplayer, see wlan streaming from slingbox at that location at 4000 ( I realize it would be much faster over the direct network connection) but I have tested all download and upload speeds from Canada and location I am trying to connect from in Europe and all are excellent. Tried to connect via slingbox.com via current isp connection in Europe and then via some vpn servers, does not make any difference to problem with streaming speed. Since the player is functioning fine at its location in Canada, I was thinking it would not be a hardware issue - but could this be an issue with sling servers?? Is there anything else to check? .It was mostly running very fast until just a few days ago, but have had issues in past few months where I have had to turn it on and off in order to pick up the speed again when the streaming has slowed, have seen that sling people have not resolved that issue, in this case, it never picks up any amount of watchable speed. Is there anything else to check - I have no big resources running in either location, no downloads,etc everything was fast until a few days ago.