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    Slingbox stream too slow and stops when port forwarding on 5001 is enabled, but works fine when disabled and set to 80 or 8080? I'm confused...


      Hi everyone,


      I recently bought a new Slingbox Solo (had the Slingbox Classic since 2005) and successfully set it up for remote viewing.

      My Slingbox is located in Germany, directly connected to our D-Link Router with and upstream of 2Mbit. I had to change the streaming port from 5001 to 80 (8080 also works) since our ISP seems to cap the uploadspeed at around 800kbits.


      When streaming to the US, I noticed something very strange and just would like to know if any of you guys had the same problem.


      If I turn port forwarding on in my router the max stream I get here is around 900kbits.... however, after a few minutes the stream gets slower and slower until around 300kbit which makes it impossible to watch the stream (at least in 640x480). This is true for any port I configure and open up on my router.


      Now comes the confusing part (at least for me ): If I set up the Slingbox to port 80 or 8080 and do NOT forward these ports on my router the Slingbox is working perfectly fine and the stream stays constant at 1800-2000 kbits although I did NOT create any forwarding rules.... The player takes significantly longer to start the stream ("connecting" followed by "still trying to connect" followed by "streaming").


      Has anyone of you recognized the same behaviour? Why would the sling stream work perfectly fine with port forwarding disabled? Why does it get stuck in optimizing and lower kbits when configured correctly? Is there a different protocoll used when I dont open or forward any ports to the Slingbox?


      Thanks for your suggestions I am really trying to understand how this works...