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    Using parents feed at my house?


      My housing development does not provide HD and I have a lot of trees so I can not do a dish. I also want a better channel selection. My parents have a great channel selection. I would like to use their signal at my house. I have a dedicated PC connected to my TV.



      1) Do I just need the Slingbox Pro-HD?

      2) When I'm watching TV at my house via web, will it affect their channel selection? I do not want to disrupt their TV.

      3) Will I get their channel selection?

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          callanish Apprentice

          I know the slingbox pro HD has a separate tuner to avoid tv watching clashes with family, but you won't get the full channel selection from that tuner; only basic cable. For to watch your parents full package programming, you'll need a cable box of your own at their place to avoid having a remote control channel changing fight that can happen when you want to watch one thing and they want to watch another. Also, you'll need a really good upload speed at your parents house to stream an HD quality picture to your PC, but a slingbox pro hd, albeit more expensive, is a good place to start as any.

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            jimfitzgerald Apprentice

            Your best bet is to get a separate cable box or satellite box at your parents house so you can watch all of their content without affecting their channel selection.  They will also need a high speed internet connection and router to connect your Slingbox.