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    Problem Connecting Slingbox Pro to Virgin Super Hub


      Hi - I was previously a very happy user of Slingbox on my old 20 meg Virgin Broadband connection - I had a separate Modem provided by Virgin and a Belkin router. I 'upgraded' to the new 30 meg service and received the new 'Super' Hub.  Whilst connection is good I now no longer can see my Slingbox on the network even though it is plugged into the hub and both red lights are on, on the Slingbox.


      Can someone please help me set up the network settings on my new router or provide a guide as to how to see my slingbox on the new network.  Just to reiterate, my internet connection is fine (and clocked at around 30 meg), my wireless is fine.  I just have an ethernet connection of the Slingbox to the super hub and although the device appears to be registered when I go to the hub's settings when I open Slingplayer it does not see any Slingbox on the network.  Help!


      I see on the virgin forums that there are lots of issues with what people are describing as a sub-standard router that comes in the integrated router/modem that is the Super Hub - I assume this could be a related 'issue'  - but maybe fellow Slingbox users also use Virgin Broadband and can provide some detailed assistance?  Thanks in advance.

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          callanish Apprentice

          I can't add anything to help you, but I've yet to come across anyone that has their superhub working with a slingbox. I'm hoping someone will chime in and prove otherwise. Unlike you, I've decided to hold out on the superhub and 30MB upgrade until Virgin gets things sorted out. All those problems I'm reading, stemming from the superhub, is an absolute joke and until they introduce that new firmware which is supposed to be in the works that'll turn the superhub into a plain old modem allowing us to separate the router from the modem, I refuse to upgrade. The ambit 256 modem along with my own router has been solid in performance and stability with my slingbox, so until I hear a lot of positive feedback coming from the new firmware, which at some point I'm sure Virgin will introduce, I'm sticking with what I have.


          If it's even remotely possible, I'd get really angry with customer service and get Virgin to return your old modem and be happy with the 20MB service until they get all these superhub issues fixed out. That thing is not ready for prime time.




          Edit. I came across this thread




          Sounds like this person just did a hard reset of his slingbox and it now works in the superhub. I'm assuming he's talking about the reset button on the slingbox and not on the the superhub.

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            Same issue with me (problems connecting slingbox with virgin superhub).


            I did a 'hard' reset and everything appeared to be working. I got my laptop, ipad and android phone working internally (i.e. on my home network). Unfortunatley, when I've just tried to connect at work (remotely), nothing is working!!


            I also set up the port forwarding on the superhub at home. But that hasn't helped.


            Does anyone know what the 'Services Proxy' or 'Streaming Proxy' menus are used for?? These are on the 'Edit Proxy Settings' on the browser when trying to view remotely. I've tried mucking around with some of the settings but nothing is working.


            I may have to re-try hard resetting at home.


            Unless anyone else can help??



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              richminors Newbie

              Hi - had the same problem.  Finally cracked it this morning - apparently when a new router is installed the Slingbox you need to run the full setup from the factory default settings.  The following link tells you how to do this.  The Slingbox does time some time to reboot afterwards and go through a number of flashing light sequences (at least 2 mins).  All works great now!



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                Follow these steps and I promise you it will work (did for me):


                1, Go to your slingbox with it turned on and press and hold in the reset button at the back for 5-10secs (until you see all the lights go mad).


                2, Then go slingplayer on your computer and 'settings' -> 'setup assistant'. You'll have to repeat all of this set up process again unfortunately.


                3, MAKE SURE you set up internet viewing (the last step, which you have the option to skip, but don't as its needed to give the slingbox an ip address for viewing out of your local network). Just go through the process as Super Hub doens't have any problems configuring itself to slingbox.


                You should find everything works now. Fingers crossed for you.