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    Two Homes


      How can I use sling box to send my primary home TV to my secondary home?  Here's the sample:


      I have a home in Phoenix and a secondary home in Denver.  If I connect a sling box at my primary home in Phoenix and then want to be able to watch my phoenix channels on any of the TVs I have in Denver, would hooking up a second sling box at my distrobution amp via coax be the way to go or should I put a sling box at each TV in each room?  Is there an easier way to set that up?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          You misunderstand a bit, the Slingbox is designed to allow you to watch TV remotely but ONLY on a Laptop./PC, not a TV.


          In your case you will put the Slingbox at your TV source in Phoenix and then you can watch that TV anywhere in the world, including Denver, on a laptop/PC.


          If you want to actually watch on a TV in Denver (or anywhere else) you will have to either drive the TV from your laptop/PC or get a seperate box to convert the internet feed to a TV signal.  This used to be the Slingcatcher, but that has been discontinued and you can only get used versions through E-Bay I think. 

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            The latter.  Setup your slingbox in Phoenix home and when you travel to Denver, you will need a computer or phone or iPad to watch Phoenix stations but you should be able to connect that computer, phone, or iPad to a television set.