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    Changed A/V Inputs, and SlingCatcher won't work anymore....HELP!


      Recently I had a friend change out the AV inputs from Coax to Component, with a cable box dvr was added.  At the same time, upgraded the internet connection and a new cable modem was installed Motorola Surfboard for Brighthouse.  Remote works fine as well with new cable box.


      Desktop Slingplayer is working fine, and the properties shows its a SNATT stream.  The problem I have is setting up the SlingCatcher for use.  SlingCatcher hasn't worked since the changover.


      I'm in Korea and host site is in Florida.  I had my friend check his network setting at the host site and the port forwarding on port 5001 still checks out as the slingbox didn't change IP addresses.  SlingCatcher was working properly before, but now it hasn't worked since the changeover.


      Any suggestions on what I can have my friend check out with the  Brighthouse Tech Help?


      The second question is he has confirmed his upload speed of 5mbps, and the stream is only coming in at 2000kbps, any suggestions for improving the speed?


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          Hi, budice02.


          We encourage you to check and adjust some settings on your router. Just make sure to use both of the protocols (UDP and TCP) when creating or editing the rule for your Slingbox. Then, run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing.

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              The router is set up correctly since I was able to watch it on the SlingCatcher prior to changing the inputs.  The original question was: Do I need to re-run the internet viewing setup through the computer on the local network in order for the Internet viewing to work properly.


              I had run through the setup completely when I had the ANT(Cable Box Set Top Box) hooked up.  Then I changed the configuration for Component and running digital audio.  I am able to view it from my computer in Korea via the Desktop Player in SNATT mode.  I would assume that I need to re-run the Internet Viewing setup through the setup wizard on the local network for it to function again?  The router still has the same settings.


              Is there any known issues with the Brighthouse Surfboard Motorola cable modems with closed ports?