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    Require Remote Code For Pace BT Vision STB




      After 4 hours getting around the bt home hub and getting the slingbox online, I have tried multiple remote codes to control the stb but to no avail.


      The STB in question is a Pace DIT7421/05 DIGITAL RECEIVER & DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER on BT Vision in the UK.


      I have searched online but any information on this box is sparse to say the least.


      I have looked at http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/dload.php?action=category&cat_id=87&sort_method=file_name&sort_order=ASC&start=0 and http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/forum/remote-file-downloads/page-8/ but haven't found any matches.


      Can someone advise of a predefined code that works, as I said, I have seemingly tried all the pace codes and any codes labelled under BT, none of which work.


      As suggested, I have viewed the IR senders through my camera lens and can confirm that they appear to be working.


      Is there not the ability to learn remote functions from a functional remote control? I tried the online wizard and it told me my slingbox doesn't support this function. The slingbox in question is a HD PRO.


      Please advise.