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    Slingbox with Dishnetwork VIP 612


      Hey all,


      Quick question. I got everything up and running, except the sensor allignment part. For some reason after adjusting the IR sensors provided by the PRO-HD Slingbox device, with Dishnetworks vip 612, the results I get are null, i.e. the channels CANNOT be remotely changed. I continuously adjusted the lengths and distance of the sensors from the VIP 612 as well, used the PDF file that showed me where there sensors receptors is (in this case its smack dab in the middle, with those visible white bulbs at the bottom). Any clues/suggestions?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!


      P.S the sensors themselves work fine, I tested them out by using my cellphone camera to see if they gave off a bulb flash when activated.

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          Hi, 8549


          If you have applied the test in order to verify the IR Blasters functionality, you will need to check the IR sensor location. Since you have checked the cable box documentation, you will need to contact the satellite receiver provider in order to get the specific location for the IR sensor.