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    Slingplayer/iPad wont work on '3' Network (UK)


      I have Slingbox Pro HD, have it all set and working fine on my local LAN network, using both Slingplayer for Desktop v2.0.4 and SlingTV via the browser interface.  I have also tested Internet Remote Viewing by Watching my TV Box from a browser from my workstation at work. It works just fine (I have manually set up my router to open Port 5001).


      I have now bought Slingplayer Mobile for my 3G/WiFi ipad and this also works fine so long as I am connected to my local network via WiFi.


      However, despite having tried many things I just cannot get streaming TV using the iPad App over the 3G mobile broadband cellular network ('3' Three Network in the UK).  I cannot get any video streaming to work whether I use the cellular built-in modem, or even if I put the 3G SIM in my MiFi router and connect wirelessly to the iPad.  Nothing at all over 3G.  I have tried changing ports but this doesn't seem to make any difference.  All that happens is I get as far as the "wheel of death" and this rotates for ever without any video streaming occurring.


      The strange thing is that I can control the satellite PVR that is connected to my slingbox component inputs using the iPad app (eg. turning the box on & off with the IR Blaster); so clearly the slingbox is being connected to - but something is stopping the video streaming. Could it be the mobile broadband ISP blocking ports or doing packet inspection to block Slingbox streaming video.  If not - how to get working?