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    Slingbox PRO-HD or other Slingbox in New Zealand?



      I was wondering if anyone has tried using a Slingbox device (more specificallly a PRO-HD) in New Zealand hooked up to a MySky HDi box?  (or used in New Zealand in general)


      They're available to purchase from Australia, but have not yet hit the New Zealand market.

      Just wondering if this is due to incompatability with Sky or the capped/expense of bandwidth in New Zealand.


      Has anyone had any experience with this?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Moribug,


          If you are planning to connect the Slingbox to the Sky box, it will work very good, you can get it over the department in Australia. But if you are going to connect the Slingbox directly to the wall using the coaxial cable, you will need to confirm first the signal type in New Zealand, the Slingbox will only support a DVB-T and not DVB-C signal; you can confirm this with your cable provider.




          Regards and I hope this helps.