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    Problems setting up a Roku express on one of my tv's


      I installed a Roku express on one of my TV's and installed slingplayer on the Roku. When I went to my slingplayer on my phone there is a key to install a Roku and I started that process. The install on my phone asks for the IP address of the Roku.  When I went under settings on the Roku it shows the IP address as the wireless IP address for the house. When I enter that IP address for the Roku it rejects it.  I have an M2 slingbox at my house and it works just fine on my phone and Ipad so I wanted to stream that slingbox signal to a non-wireless tv that is not near my Directv cableing.  I looked up the compatibility of the Roku express and it showed that it was compatible with my slingbox signal but I can't get past this IP address issue.