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    Remove older Slingbox from the account list


      I have an old Slingbox Pro which has been in commission without problems since 2007.  I recently purchased an iPad and the interface control is very awkward to use with the older model, so I purchased a Pro-HD, which I have installed without problem (static IP and port forwarding on a separate port).  It works fine with remote access.  However, the iPad app still is less than optimal, so I am wondering if it is because I had both the new and the old Slingboxes in the same account list (my assumption is that the iPad app defaults to the lowest common denominator).


      So..... I would like to test that hypothesis, unless someone has some other suggestion (I will post the issue in the iPad app section).  I have not seen how to decommission the older unit.  I have unplugged it, but it remains in the account list.  Can someone please tell me how to remove it from the list?



      Ken K


      ADDENDUM:  At suggestion, I removed my app, which, it turns out, was just Mobile software purchased last April and not the iPad app.  When I installed the new app, there was a complete change of interface, which is much more user-friendly.  That having been said, I would still like to know how to"decommission" my old Slingbox and remove it from the Account list