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    Internet Setup


      Having difficulty setting up Internet viewing, Slingbox could not do automatically; how do I setup Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400

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          Hi Sramire1,


          Have you tried to run the Internet Viewing using the Network Setup Assistant?


          How to use the Slingbox Network Setup Assistant to help configure your router


          If the issue persists, you can try this link to set it manually,


          Port Forwarding SlingBox on the Netgear WNDR3400


          Regards and I hope this helps

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              I have the same issue, I cant get remote viewing, I have the same router and I tried your setup and it still does not work. I changed my routers setting just the way your site stated however its still not working. This router is also not listed in the drop box at the config remote viewing manual setup screen, Is this an issue? How do I fix this?

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                  I have the same issue.  I miss my slingbox!

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                      chakkarinen Apprentice

                      Have you tried logging in to your router, and then setting up a static IP address for your Slingbox.  Then after setting the static IP address, doing the "port forwarding" instruction to forward port 5001 to that static IP address? 


                      How you actually do these two steps various from router to router (they often use different names for these tasks in their menus), but if you post the brand name and model of your router, I can see if there is a user manual for it online and perhaps I can figure out what you need to do when you log in to your router directly.


                      Once you are able to do those two things above, then reboot your router and reboot your Slingbox, you should be good to go.


                      At least, it work for me on my two slingboxes located on two different networks with two different brands/models or routers.

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                          I appreciate your willingness to help.  I have a Netgear dual band N600 and I believe the model is wndr3400.  I'm on the road, so I really can't try to connect things until next week.  I tried following the instructions at the link in posted above, but was lost when it instructed me to identify my IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.  I have no idea how to find that out.  I'm not very knowledgeable about networking stuff.....obviously

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                              chakkarinen Apprentice

                              Sorry for the delay in getting back to you -- been traveling.


                              I found the user manual for your router online at ftp://downloads.netgear.com/files/WNDR3400/Documentation/UM/WNDR3400_UM_31AUG2010.pdf



                              The section for programming your router to  assign a static IP address to your Slingbox is called "address reservation" and begins on page 5-4 in the online users manual.  I suggest assigning the static IP address to your router, since the default IP address for the router itself is shown in the manual as


                              As described in those instructions, the "MAC address for the computer or server" (which in this case is your Slingbox) can be found on the shipping box for the Slingbox and on a label on the bottom of the Slingbox.


                              After you assign the static ip address to your Slingbox, then you want to forward port 5001 to that static IP address.  (This is the port that the Slingbox directory website software uses to keep track of where your Slingbox is located in Internet Land, so that it can always be found by you when you want to watch your Slingbox from your computer anywhere in Internet Land.)   The instructions for port forwarding start on page 5-16 in the online user manual.   You will want to set up a "custom service" (call it slingbox).   Protocol will be TCP/UDP, starting and ending port number is 5001, and the last digits of the IP address are 254.  Click the Apply button.


                              Then reboot the router AND the slingbox -- you can do this simply by unplugging their electric cords for 20 seconds -- and when they have fully restarted and settled down, your slingbox should be connected to your network correctly.


                              Write back if it's still not working correctly.


                              Good luck with your setup.

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                                  I am having the exact same problem with the exact same router and followed your instructions and I still have a Blinking red light for the network connection.  Tried resetting the slingbox to factory defaults and still no success.

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                                      chakkarinen Apprentice

                                      I think the blinking red light means your Slingbox is attempting to connect to your router, but is not succeeding.    When you log in to your router, does it list the Slingbox as one of the devices assigned a static IP address, and that address is the one I mentioned in the posting for the other person with that router?   If the, Slingbox is shown in the router address table as being assigned the appropriate static IP address, and the MAC address listed in the router table exactly matches the MAC address listed on the sticker on the bottom of your Slingbox, then I would try the "hard reset" for your Slingbox -- which is: with the Slingbox power plugged in and the ethernet cable connected to your Slingbox and to your router, press in and hold in the Reset button on the back of the Slingbox for at least 10 seconds.   Then release the Slingbox reset button, and power-cycle your router to see if it successfully connects with the Slingbox after the router boots back up.


                                      Oh, and you might also check the integrity of the Ethernet cable you are using to connect the Slingbox to the router by trying it with one of your computers instead -- that is, connecting the router to one of your computers with that Ethernet cable to see if you get a good ethernet connection between the router and the computer.