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    Cannot setup Internet Viewing


      I have a Linksys wrt310N router. I have been through the internet viewing several times. I have done a hard reset of the Slingbox A/V box.  The screens that report my settings in the SLingbox setup process have all the settings the assisted setup assistant said I needed.  I have port forwarded to 5001.  the ISP is 254.  But I cannot view on the internet. Frustrated.


      Duirng the setup process I give SB the correct user name and pw for my router.  SB says it is not correct.  I know it its correct because I can go into my router setup using those given settings. So why does SB have a problem?


      I tell SB I don't know settings,  My WRT310N is not listed as a model. I tell SB my router is not listed. The screen sowing my sling box settings show the correct MAC, IP , Subnet,. Default gateway and port number (5001). When I click NEXT I wait for the testing........."Loading....." appears  then


      "Unfortunately we weren't able to configure your router for INternet Viewing.  In most cases, etc...." appears. I have done the "retry" several times no success.


      Can anyone help?  Or do I just start telling people there is no support for Slingbox products?


      Message was edited by: qdroman 2/15/11   According to the Linkys router, the Slingbox IP address is 103.  The setup assistant said to make the last 3 digits 254 which is beyond the range of IP addresses.  Does that indicate a problem?