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    Pro HD stuck in reboot loop


      I have a SB Pro HD that has been active for 96 days, hence it's over the 90 day free assistance plan.  It worked fine for 2 months, then I started seeing occasional chroma loss on the pass-thru component output.  As of about 2 weeks ago the unit appears to be stuck in a reboot loop.  I had a second (brand new) unit on hand so I connected it to the same a/v/network cables and power supply and it works without any issues.  I've made the following video to compare the behaviour of the LED lights on the good and bad units:




      I don't know what firmware was on the bad unit before said behavior started.  I'm guessing there is no way to get this thing replaced under warranty without paying for "assistance".  Is there a way to reflash the firmware over usb?



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          metalunna Newbie

          It also says this question is answered..Yet it is not..When I click on "go to answerr" it tells me I am not allowed to view the selected item.

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            Hi mkoz, the troubleshooting below may help you with this issue, you can also swap the AC adapters between the Slingboxes to discard issues with them.


            The Network light on my Slingbox is blinking. What does this mean?


            The Network light on your Slingbox is off


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                metalunna Newbie

                Here is what I did..Any other ideas?


                On Friday, my Pro HD went out (I love that thing)
                This is the behavior I noticed:

                1. The Power light is steady (on)
                2. The Network light blinks 2 times…Stops, Blinks 5 times, stops and stays off.
                3. Sling LED starts to go around a few times…Stops..
                4. Rinse and Repeat starting  with the Network light flashing in the same pattern.
                5. This is what I have done so far.
                6. I unplugged the device for a few minutes (about 5). When I plugged it back in, the same pattern occurred.
                7. I held the reset button for 5 seconds..Same pattern…I held it in for 1 minute – Same pattern
                8. I swapped the power supply with a known good supply – Same pattern


                     I tried a hard reset again – Same pattern

                1. I swapped the LAN cable and the  Port on the router – Same Pattern
                2. I took an old router I had laying around and set it up as a standalone. I hooked up my laptop to it and verified that DHCP was working.  I plugged the HD PRO into it  – Same Pattern…HARD
                3. Reset…Same Pattern.
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                    I had tried the same things as metalunna with the same results.  I am aware of the power supply issues, but the new unit works fine on the same power supply and network connection.  The problem is not power or the network, it's with the slingbox itself.  Since I have a new power supply from the second unit I tried it, but the behaviour remains the same.  I took the bad unit to work where the dhcp is served out by a cisco switch, same results.  Is there a way to reflash the firmware using the usb port like on the slingcatcher?

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                        metalunna Newbie


                        Maybe you can answer this for me..

                        I should be getting my replacement (used) unit any day.

                        I was going over the order email that sling sent me and it says that (as the representitive advised me)  that they want the old device sent back.

                        Now, the rep Did Not tell me i hve to send the unit back..it didnt even come up.

                        Since my device was out of warranty, and i paid for out of warranty service, and i paid for a used unit, why do i need to send the old device back to them?


                        Did you get notice that you had to send the old device in or did you just buy a new unit from the store?

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                      Having tried all the suggestions available on the website, how does one make use of the 1 year warranty for a replacment without paying to speak to a human?