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    Fire TV with Slingbox 500 and Google Fiber

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      Been trying to use Fire TV remote with Slingbox and Google Fiber. Main issue is the DVR displayed button on the bottom of the screen is greyed out from the initial drop down menu, so not able to select with the Fire remote. On the Google Fiber remote, the MENU button brings up the dvr screen. The only custom button that seems to be active is 10 which is SEARCH. Also, a LIVE selection would be helpful, too. I am able to get to the dvr selection by choosing SELECT from main drop down, then quickly going to top and selecting the navigation drop down and again, quickly selecting OK, though you can't see that you are selecting the dvr choice since it is covered up by the drop down selections.


      Tried using SideClick (very nice accessory) to learn the MENU button from the Google Fiber remote, but that is not working. Any help and selections are most welcomed. Thanks