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    Set top requiring HDCP Comp TV Port


      When trying to view my tv away from home on Sling Solo I get a message on the screen that says my cable box (SA 8300HD)  requires an HDCP compatable port.. Yet when watching at home on Sling it works perfect.. I currently have it hooked on with S Vdeo cable since the Component cables kept reading low or no signal..Will I have to use  the digital component connection to view away from home?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          If you an HDMI cable from your cable box to tv, replace it with component cables.

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            jsuttin Newbie

            If you have HDMI going from your Cable box, the cable company is likely deactivating the other ports. One solution is to dump your HDMI and go back to component (I was not excited @ this).  My current setup is I take coax cable and run it into my slingbox.  I then go cable out from my SB and run into my Time Warner DVR.  From the DVR I go component out to my SB and then pass thru to my TV (component).   This avoids the deactivating of ports.  When I'm on wifi with my ipad I sling higher def through the component input and can play DVR content, etc.  When I'm on 3G with my phone, I use the coax input because it works well.  The coax input doesn't give me all the channels but for my phone it works pretty well.