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    Reboot Slingbox over Internet


      Hi Everyone,


      I am hoping you can help me, I have a problem where my Slingbox has lost it's picture, I can hear the sound, this has happened because my cable box (Virgin V+) has rebooted.  This has happened before and I know a power cycle of the Slingbox Solo fixes the issue.  Unfortunately I am not at home, and have no one at home to do it for me!  So it would be really useful to be able to reboot the Slingbox over the web?  any ideas?


      The Cable box is connected to the Slingbox via Component HD, I have a PC that I can connect to on my local network at home if that helps? and internet viewing works ok (when the picture is working that is!)


      I am away for a number of weeks - so it would be really good I could get this fixed


      Thanks all



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          Hi, PardeepGill


          Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset the Slingbox from remote locations. The only way to reset the Slingbox is pressing and holding down the reset button on the back of your Slingbox.


          In this case, you will need to power cycle the Slingbox power adapter, however, it will only be possible if you get someone at the Slingbox location.

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              karog Newbie

              The ability to reboot (reset or whatever) a SlingBox from the web is a very important capability. Sometimes there is simply no one available to physically reset it.


              Please consider adding this feature if at all possible. Thanks.

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                  I agree. I have a similar problem with the sound and I need to reset my Slingbox but I won't be home for weeks as well.

                  Please consider adding a feature to reboot remotely.

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                      I have the same issue with a slingbox pro hd...audio but no video on 1080i channels with a component connection to a directv hr23.  Rebooting the slingbox fixes the issue.  One thing to note, while this condition is true on the pc slingbox client, audio and video works fine on the ipad client.


                      Next time it fails, I'm going to try to reflash the slingbox with the same software version again using the advanced button...maybe that forces a reboot?  However, it is kind of silly needing a work around for so many reasons in the first place.  1) There should not be an issue that is fixed by a reboot of the slingbox seen by multiple people that lingers for so long...the latest firmware is months old now!!!  2) There should be a remote reboot option in the admin login... 3) hopefully I won't brick the slingbox by reflashing it everytime I want to reboot (providing this does in fact force a reboot).

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                  I have the same problem.  I am going to plug in a timer switch to mine to turn it on and off for a couple of minutes every day. I think this should fix it, although of course I agree that they should provide for a remote reboot.

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                      Micke0 Newbie

                      Hej from Sweden,

                      I can reboot (power off/on) my "Solo" from outside whenever I want to!

                      Don`t you have a simular solution "over there"?

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                          Thx for  your post Micke0.


                          I jusr saw this http://www.telldus.se/products/tellstick_net.

                          im tring of getting one yo solve these issue and other's its awesome


                          thx again.

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                              Thx to Mick0 and ZaNGied for pointing out this excellent solution!


                              Was having the same problem: When watching my UK-based Slingbox Pro HD at a remote location in Europe with SlingCatcher the picture suddenly froze and connection was lost (semi-) permanently. I could not reconnect via the Catcher nor via PC/Win 7 (Watch or SlingPlayer Desktop Legacy) for well over a week (after endless attempts to re-establish contact – terribly frustrating!) This happened not once, but several times and only after a week or so for no apparent reason connection was re-established.  – So, whether this was because the Slingbox checks into the server at regular intervals – I don't know.


                              Power cycling with TellStick Net and receiver sockets (Brennenstuhl) solves the problem though, admittedly, at a price. Since my Sagemcom PVR regularly dies on me in a similar fashion and TellStick solves this issue equally well, it was just about a justifiable expense.


                              But to state the obvious: It should not be necessary to purchase a seperate device simply to remedy a Slingbox networking design fault: So, are the new Slingboxes 350/500 rebootable remotely? – Although, since they don't have a built-in tuner they are not a suitable replacement for the Pro HD – but that's for another thread!