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    iPhone to Blackberry Torch


      I am looking for some help.


      I have gone from an iPhone to a Blackberry Torch only to find out that it is NOT supported at this time.  Either through Mobile or internet viewing!


      I travel quite a bit and use Sling all the time!  Now I can't?


      What am I doing wrong here?  I feel I'm missing an easy setting to make this work correctly.


      Can someone help?



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          I use to love the Sling with my Bold 9000 and then the 9700, but since I got my Torch last year this guys from Sling Media do not seem to care about Torch user. they have not bother to come up with anything for our 9800 unit. the point is I got so tired of waiting that i decided to look fro something else and found it. is the Vulkano from Monsoon, works just like the Sling and it had a client for the Torch that works great. look it up on google and give it a try, by the way the software is free all you need to do is buy the unit to transmit.


          Hope this helps



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            Hi, jimwatry and edm64


            As both of you already know, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Mobile device is not a supported device.


            Keep in mind that according to our House Rules, we will not pronounce about any unreleased products.