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    lost Slingbox ip...


      ... before of all i'm sorry for my terrible english...

      i will try to explain my problem...

      i'm from italy, i have a problem like in object.

      I have a Slingbox Pro.

      Network is set:


      net mask:




      router is regularly forwarded


      I have 2 configuration, one with Sling IP e another with DynDNS...


      i monitoring my network with Look&Lan and see my slingbox in my network


      i can connect with every 2 connection fine and i see television channel. but the problem is when a change the channel, all stop and with look&lan in can't see slingbox animore.


      i need to switch off slingbox and restart....


      this problem is on iPhone also


      How i can resolve?


      Thanks a lot

      Alberto Parma