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    I lose my feed every time the sling box "optimizes"


      I am conecting from my work computer to watch from my sling at home.  It conects just fine, and you can watch the speed climb up to over 4000 kbs so I get a high def feed without a problem.  Then, after a couple of min, the screen freezes and it says I have lost my connection, and asks me if I would like to reconect Yes or no.  I select yes and it all starts over again.  This sling box would be awsome if it werent for the fact that I can't watch for more than a couple of min without having to reconect.  When I watch at home over my network I never have this problem.  Hopefully someone can tell me what is up. I copied the error that comes up below.Thanks.


      The connection attempt  failed. Make sure the Slingbox you are trying to watch is on, set up for  remote viewing, and not blocked by firewall/NAT settings.
      Enter password for dwall's Slingbox
      to use your Slingbox's View-only Password,
      unselect the "Log in as Administrator" option above.