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    No Internet connection found...is there an answer???


      This seems to be an ever increasing problem as I found LOTS of folks with the same problem from 2009 & 2010. 


      I've had this sling box up and running for about 1 1/2 years...no problems per se.

      Today, the box only has a power light and no internet connectivity light, or at least it wont stay on.


      1) If I try to connect to sling box to watch it, it appears as though its attempting to "boot" and the inetrnet light flashes a few times and then goes out.  I then get error message..no internet connection found.


      2) I've tried unplugging internet cables and replugging them

      3) I've tried powering down and restarting modem & router

      4) I've tried the reset button on back of slingbox

      5) I do have internet connection from the modem/router as all my other pc's are working (hard wired and wireless)


      Of course tech support says to pay them $29 and they'll walk me thru....

      I've seen on other forums where some folks replaced powercord and that correctedit, but why would a new power cord fix a internet connectivity problem??????????


      Anyone been able to actually fix this....

      Very annoyed that there isnt a solution posted on Slingbox since it seems lots of folks are having the same issue...thats not good customer relation or retention policy.


      PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!