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    problems with remote control commands being recognized by slingcatcher




      is anyone experiencing problems with their remote control commands being recognized correctly by the slingcatcher. sometimes when i turn on the slingbox and slingcatcher when connected to the tv , the slingcatcher refuses to recognize a different command from the remote control until after maybe 6 or 7 attempts of pressing a certain command then it eventually accepts this command making it impossible to navigate the system or watch what you want to watch. even turning it on is a struggle.


      once i am in if i press "down" for example to find the channel i want and when it lands on the channel i want i press "ok" but it refuses to recognize the new command "ok" and continues to move "down" instead with "down" appearing on the screen when i press "ok" button on remote - it takes several attempts at pressing "ok" with the cursor still moving "down" the channels on the screen until eventually it recognizes the command "ok" and opens up a channel you didnt want. the same happens from you press "guide" - it then only recognises "guide" for the next 6 or 7 times you press any other button. this make it impossible to watch what youve recorded on planner as it just takes too long to do battle with the problem.


      it all works fine on the laptop when connected to slingbox.com - there are no command issues with the remote on the lap top but this problem only occurs when watching tv. i live in Hong Kong and it seems to work perfectly ok during the day but plays up at night time (however at night it work fine on the laptop so it cant be an internet problem). the slingcatcher sits on top of a dvd player (which i rarely have switched on during the day) so it could be a heat issue if i try watch the slingcatcher at night after watching a dvd for example but i am not sure that is the answer. i am looking into purchasing a rack which will remove any heat issues and have bought a new remote but the problem still persists so its got to be a hardware problem with the slingcatcher surely?


      is anyone else having this problem as i have searched the forum and noone else seems to have this problem!i have tried factory reset but no luck there.

      appreciate any ideas.