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    Slinglink Compatibility


      Hi, if I purchase the Slinglink Turbo would it be compatible with my existing Directv HPTURBOWALL ethernet adapters?

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          Hi, dczurcher


          First, we recommend you to check the following links in order to know all the information about the SlingLinks and how they work.


          SlingLink TURBO


          Then, check the information about the ethernet adapters and their compatibility according to the SlingLinks specifications.

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            Hi I have the same question which appears unanswered


            I have Devolo Homeplugs All Over The House


            I just want to add a single slingbox turbo to them but can find no way to change password on tthe unit as i dont have a windows xp computer


            Is there a way to make the slinglink work with my other Devolo Adaptors



            Kind Regards