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    Connection Failed


      Over a year ago, I bought a Slingbox HD so I could connect it to my TV and allow my father who now lives in Japan to watch hockey games back in Canada. It always worked perfectly until tonight. He watched a game last night like usual but tonight, when he tried to login, he got this message:


      "Connection Failed


      You can't connect to the Slingbox right now. Make sure its set up for remote viewing, and that the network router the Slingbox is connected to has the correct Port Forwarding settings."


      He tried to connect with two different computer and he got the same message. I then tried to connect myself from here back in Canada and it works fine. I could connect without problem.


      So I am thinking that my Slingbox is set properly since I can access it. But why can't my father connect in Japan? Any idea anyone? Is it possible that it's a country problem? Through a screensharing program, I went into his settings and it looks fine to me even if I'm no expert. I could really use some insight here.



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          Hi, samgagnon


          In this case, the issue seems to be related to the Internet Viewing feature. We would like to know if you are using the same local network or not when getting the connection to the Slingbox PRO HD. Be as specific as possible.