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    Testing Slingcatcher


      Just installed a slingbox here in the UK which seems to be working fine. I plan to take the slingcatcher I have bought here to my holidy place in Portugal. I would like to test this before I take it there to make sure it works OK as it's easier to get help here if it doesn't. The problem I'm having is persuading someone here to let me use their router and TV. People seem to be very protective of their networks especially when they don't know about the Sling concept. So that I can explain what will happen when I connect everything up, can someone please let me know what to expect. I know that the TV will need to be tuned into the correct input port but that's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. The instructions that came with Slingcatcher don't explain how the Slingcatcher knows where to find my Slingbox on the internet. I've been told that it is not necessary to have a computer on the LAN at the Slingcatcher end so maybe the Slingbox is called up by usung the remote control? I would really appreciate some information on this one so that I can explain it, (with some confidence), to others. Thanks.




      Malcolm Guy