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    "There was a problem communicating with the slingbox"


      I'm a student that went away from home for college. I bought a slingbox  and connected it to my parents' tv so I could watch hockey games from  home. It's been fine for just over a year, but my dad recently installed  a dimmer switch in the room I had the slingbox connected. He says he  turned the power off to the room, but never messed with any cords that  might have disconnected the slingbox. Now my computer can't connect to  the slingbox. When I try to connect, a notice pops up that says it can't  and I should try again.
      Naturally, my parents are not very tech savvy and their attempts at fixing it  stop at resetting the slingbox and the internet router, and since I'm  living 1,700 miles away, I can't exactly look at it myself.
      Anyone have any tips or ideas on what could be wrong with it and why it  isn't connecting?

      The slingbox help button said this...
      Error: 0x92340109
      Context: 20

      And this...
      The box is not enabled for remote viewing.

      [Advanced users: the error code is 0x92340109.]

      ... if that means anything at all?