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    No Longer Available for my Fascinate


      I the SlingPlayer Mobile on my old Windows 6.5 phone and loved it.  I recently upgraded to a Samsung Fascinate with Android 2.1.  When I initially bought the phone I checked the Market and noticed it was available for download, but decided to wait.  I recently took an update to the phone (non-rooted) to update an issue with the Emergency Call capabilties when the phone is locked.  When I went back to the market soon afterwards, I noticed SlingPlayer Mobile was no longer available.  What gives?

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          I have the Vibrant which is a very similar phone from TMob.  Their Froyo update was made available 2 weeks ago.  I installed it last Friday.  Upon installation, I discovered that my paid apps including Sling were missing.  They magically reappeared today.


          If your update gave your phone a new build number, your carrier must communicate that information - its called a fingerprint - to Google.  Otherwise, certain paid apps will not will not appear in market even if you own it.