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    Slinplayer never streams faster than 450-480Kbps


      I have 2 internet connections. One is a 2Mbps connection (Speedtest.net consistently shows 1.5-1.8Mbps as the speed) and the other is a 7.2Mbps connection  (Speedtest.net consistently shows 2.5-5Mbps as the speed). However, my bitrate never exceeds 450-480Kbps with both the Desktop player and the Webplayer.


      I am located in Singapore and my Slingbox is in Delhi, Inida. The connection in India uploads at 450Kbps. I have tried speedtests from my connections in Singapore with the Delhi server and I always get more than 1.5Mbps as the speed.


      I really do not know what to do to increase my streaming rate. Please advise.