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    Question: Setting up our system




      I dont have the slingbox at the moment, but very interested in it!


      Here are the 2 setups i want to use, if you guys can inform me it this is possible.


      I have:


      HD TV

      Sky HD PVR

      (Hopefull) Slingbox

      Harmony 1100 Remote.


      Friend has:


      HD TV

      Sky PVR

      (Hopefully) Slingbox

      DVD HDD Recorder

      Harmony 900



      Ofcourse we both have a high speed internet connections, which will support HD.


      Now my question is:


      I have HD Sky, and my friend doesnt, is it possible that he can use the slingbox to record HD shows on his HDD via the Slingbox?


      I am in the middle of planning major network overhauls, on his and mine, servers, routers, HDMI switches etc.

      Will this have an effect on the connection?