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    SlingBox - SlingCatcher issue: All ports filtered


      I am trying to setup a simple SlingBox - SlingCatcher scenario, where each is in one another country.


      The SlingBox is working fine, I can watch it from the very country where the SlingCatcher is located, so I know the SlingBox is working.  An unfortunate reality of the router by the SlingBox is that is located behind a larger network, which apparently have [i]all[/i] its ports filtered.


      After some attempts with nmap from a foreign server, it has become apparent to me, that there are issues beyond my control here.  For instance, enabling remote management on the router itself won't work when connecting to the server from a foreign machine.  All ports are thus filtered.


      I assume that a connection can be established when the SlingBox itself broadcast to the outside world of its presence, and thus the port is then 'open', because it is now known to the world, and thus a connection can be established from the outside.  Similar to how Skype does it.


      I ask thus, if it is possible to configure the SlingCatcher to work the same way the SlingPlayer works?


      Kind regards,



      P.S. I apologise for my silly name, but its a setup for my parents.  And trust me, they want an easy solution.