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    Browser and App not working

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      My slingbox suddenly stopped working yesterday after acting up on Sunday as well.  From Firefox the error signal comes up saying "There was an error connecting to the box" with "Refresh" underneath it.  Nothing happens when you refresh just get the same error message.


      From the Windows Desktop SlingPlayer I get the following error - "We are unable to locate your Slingbox" and continues to say that my computer and slingbox and computer need to be connected to the same network, well obviously that is impossible because the entire point of the slingbox is so I can watch my tv while 1500 miles away.


      Slingbox Android app works with Chromecast, so clearly it is not the internet or slingbox because it does work, however the app is complete garbage and not user friendly so I need to figure out why the website and slingplayer are not working.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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      Apparently you cannot watch without the slingplayer for web.  Which is total **** because the slingplayer is such garbage, it cant stream 2 minutes on video without cutting out let alone make watching a sporting event tolerable.  Are there workarounds for this? why does sling constantly mess things up by restricting what you can do.  its time to drop these guys because its just not worth their shotty technology anymore