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    Help deciding which Slingbox to get


      Hi, Im looking to setup a slingbox at home in Canada so I can watch sports in the caribbean. I have an analog coaxial Cable TV with a 1 MBPS upload. In the caribbean, I have a slow ~0.5 MBPS (~100 kb/s) connection. I know that the Slingbox classic, tuner, Pro and Pro-HD support coaxial cable. I was wondering if all of these would work on analog cable and if there were any advantages over the other for streaming in SD. I don't need HD capability. I know that the classic, tuner and Pro are older versions but I dont mind getting a used one as long as they perform the same as a new Pro-HD in my situation.


      Is it even worth it to get a slingbox with a 0.5 MBPS download? Would the video be smooth? Im just tired of streaming games online where the video is so jerky with a lot of interruptions.  I just thought a direct connection would be much better. And can the slingbox buffer significant amounts if it is not smooth?