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    No audio after firmware upgrade!


      Hi there!

      I had my slingbox tuner for a quite a while now and haven't updated it's firmware at all. There was no need, everything worked just fine.... until now. I installed slingplayer 2.0 recently... during an installation it stated that I need to update my firmware to newest version.. ok. Update went smoothly but now there is a problem with sound. On every channel there is this static noise instead of nice clear audio as it was there before the updat


      I tried everything... reset to factory settings, channels rescan, different input type scans... no luck... same problem.TT


      I did found a workaround allowing me to downgrade ST's firmware - but this is not an answer to this problem.


      Anyone able to help on this one?


      thank you!

        • Re: No audio after firmware upgrade!

          let me also add few things here:


          STuner is located in Poland so it's working on PAL system.
          It is hooked up to basic cable - my plan says it's "digital cable service"

          Problem occured while updating firmware to: v1.2.9  from 02/06/2009

          Problem disappears after downgrading it back to: v1.0.10 from 05/30/2007


          hope it helps