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    Constant pausing on I4, yet fine on PC on same network


      HI All,


      I am relatively new to the Slingbox and was amazed yesterday, but not so today


      I connected my Slingbox Solo to my SKY+HD PVR through an Airport Extreme router on a Virgin Media 20meg broadband account. I purchased both the Iphone App and the Ipad app and was amazed when they both connected faultlessly through my home network.


      Unfortunately, today I tried to demonstrate it at work today through my works wifi (Netgear router on 10 Meg BT broadband) on my Iphone and all I have encounters is constant pausing, which I presume is the connection dropping in and out. I have tried reduced the quality to SQ and I still get the same result. I watched the connection speed start at 500 kb and drop to 20 kb in some instances.


      However, when I connect through my works PC on the very same network and I select best quality, I am getting constant speeds of 1900 kb!


      My Iphone is right next to the router and I am the only attached device.


      I will try my Ipad tomorrow, but I am expecting similar results.


      What could be causing such wildly different connections speeds? I cannot believe it is my upload speed at home, or else how would I get 1900 kb through the pc?


      Incidentally, I can watch tvcatchup on the same wireless connection on my iphone without any buffering issues whatsoever and that must be quite bandwidth hungry.


      Help please as I feel very dissapointed!