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    Slingbox player image inverted when notebook connected via HDMI to HDTV


      I've been trying to display my Slingbox Player (on my Notebook's desktop) on my 720p HDTV via a HDMI cable connectiion, but the video is UPSIDE DOWN and backwards within the Slingbox Player window! While my desktop and the Slingbox Player itself are correct on the HDTV screen!


      What is going on?? Does anyone have a solution?


      I have tried different aspect ratios on both the HDTV and the notebook, but nothing cures the upside down reverse video image.


      Slingbox CS said they've heard of the problem, but can't offer any solutions because it's outside of their scope of use.


      Appreciate any help.


      I have a Slingbox AV (nearly the same as a Solo), just bought NOS (yeah a store stil had one) about 2 months ago.