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    Slingcatcher network error


      Hello everybody. I have a problem connecting with my slingcatcher to my slingbox. Seems like a lot of people have the same problem i will describe my situation here maybe somebody will be able to help me. So i have slingbox pro-hd located in Romania conected to a Netgear WNR3500 router. My slingcatcher is located in USA to the same type of router with 20/5 internet. This is what i had before the famous 2.1.80 firmware upgrade who screwed up everything. My slingcatcher was streaming with 800 - 1500 Kbps anytime, my slingplayer the same with 1200 - 2000 anytime. I need to mention that any of this was without any portforwarding or static ip.  The router in romania was not setup for my slingbox. So I just plugged my slingbox did the initial setup and everything worked so **** fine until Slingmedia did the last firmware upgrade and now they ask for money just to talk to you. After i did the firmware upgrade cause my slingbox had the error message i had nothing but problems. Now when i'm trying to connect with my slingcatcher, i got that network error messagge "slingcatcher could not connect to this sling box due to a network error". I tried everything available on this forum. When i enable portforwarding on my router (in Romania) and put a static ip for slingbox i stream with both my slingplayer and sometimes with my slingcatcher but speeds are not going higher than 200 - 400 Kbps at most and at this speed i need to keep everything at the automatic resolution or i'm not able to watch, but the picture is awfull.  Somebody mentioned in one of the posts to downgrade to old firmware but i'm afraid that will affect my slingplayer. Another thing is that since i did the upgrade my speeds are very unstable. So I start with 2000 Kbps and drops to 500 - 700 Kbps after a couple of hours of watching.

      Question. Is there anybody who can help me or anybody who actually paid the money and tech suport helped them? Or I have a piece of 200$ standing on my TV stand.