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    Linksys e3000 configuration

    JD0418 Newbie

      The slingbox set up wants my IP address and gateway but I'm not sure where to start.  First, everything worked fine until I replaced an older linksys router that started to act up.  This new e3000 set up automatically with "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" vs. the way it was set up before (PPPoE).  I did reset the slingbox as instructed.


      My account says the slingbox IP is  I'm not sure how that works - my Router is and assigns up to 50 devices ( to   I'm not sure where the "254" comes from.


      I used When I did the port forwarding in the Gaming Applications Menu and also when asked for the IP Address.


      I used for the gateway.  Actually, I have tried several combinations.  Something should have worked - so now I wonder if the Automatic Configuration - DHCP setting is affecting the problem I am having.  I have 10 devices connected and everything else works so I am not anxious to change back to PPPoE unless I have no other option.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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          JD0418 Newbie

          Fixed - PPPoE was needed - this way I connect through the Router and force the Modem to act as a bridge.

          Using Automated DHCP I connected through the Modem and the Router only managed the DHCP - my Westell Modem does NOT allow me to bridge connections.


          This is my theory anyway.  I switched to PPPoE and when re-visiting Sling Setup it picked up my IP ( and Gateway ( automically and connected immediately with no more internet viewing warning.  Now I am once again a happy iPhone Sling user.