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    Turn Off the Weak or No Video Signal Detected Feature


      I want to know if it's possible to remove the feature that displays a black screen with the message "Weak or no video signal detected."



      I periodically see this screen when trying to watch TV and I can assure you that there is in fact a good video signal, the slingbox just thinks there isn't for some reason sometimes.  If there truly was a bad video signal, then my digital tuner that my sling box runs off of would display a similar message which would itself be a clear video signal that the slingbox would let through.



      I just want to know how to disable the "weak or no video signal" screen.  I would prefer if my slingbox would let me be the judge of whether or not I have a bad video signal.  Thank you,



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          Hi, arskiracer


          There are many reasons for you to get this message. This message will pop up if your TV source is off, if you haven't applied the scan channels process or if the cables are not properly set. Therefore, we recommend you to check this link in order to get further information about this specific message.


          SlingPlayer is telling me that I have a weak or no video signal

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              I contacted slingbox support today 03/11/2011 and was asked if I had an hdmi cable connected between my tv and the cable

              box.  Yes, I did.  Was told to unplug that cable and see if I had Video.......WA...LA....I had video on my computer screen.  That left

              me without my high definition to the tv, so support told me to connect another set of blue , green and red cables to the output of the box and

              connect them to the input of the tv to receive high definition...it worked.  My husband said that affected the volumn and am not sure what

              kind of cable he is going to get to have better volumn.  As for the weak or no video signal, removing the hdmi cable resolved my problem. 

              Hope this helps.

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                The channels have been scanned and it's on the correct channel.  Also, the coax cable running from the digital tuner to the slingbox is perfectly fine and properly connected.  I've tested the signal quality on other devices besides the slingbox and it's fine.  I don't use HDMI, I only use coax.  I don't know what the problem is, but I know it's not a simple external connection issue, I suspect the slingbox is crying wolf.  All I want to do is disable the "no video detected" screen.  Isn't there a way to modify the slingbox firmware or some setting somewhere so that I can simply disable that screen myself?  I know a few programming languages and I've programmed FPGAs, modifying this can't be more difficult than what I've already done.  Why not make advanced settings available for advanced users?


                Thanks for the replies, I appreciate your help guys.