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    Picture Keeps Freezing (Pausing) Off and On


      I haven't had a problem with my Slingbox up until now, but all of a sudden whenever I start to use it, the picture will play and then stop. It plays only for about a second or two and then stops (the picture pauses or freezes for about 3 or 4 seconds, then will play for only a second or two before freezing again), and this never goes away or improves as this continued even when I let my Slingbox buffer for awhile and get up to speed.

      The audio seems to be fine, as it doesn't disrupt or pause when the picture does.


      I'm just wondering what I could try to get the video to move smoothly again without this really annoying pause effect happening every couple of seconds?

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          I just purchased slingbox pro also.  I talked to AT&T abour this problem and it makes perfect sense.  When your running these devices through your phone this is how it works. Messaging takes only one bar on your strength meter onyour phone.  When using voice one is fine.  When your streaming Data media you need atleast three bars to keep it caught up.  four and five is great.  When  i only have one bar i typically switch to standard quality seems to work well.  I don't like the standard but sometimes you have no choice.  As your signal strength goes nothing seems to work right.  On one bar it takes forever to change channels or any other function  from my phone. the slingbox wifi works flawlessly.  My thoughts are i think they came out too soon with this device, technology needs to catch up to it.  Im willing to give it a chance it has so much potential, Iphone 5 suppose to be out in July.  We'll see.  Remember i'm just a consumer like you only speculation.  The playing around i've done with this set using the iphone 3G backs up this theory. Thanks for listening, If you find out anything more keep posting, Mike Scott, mikemscott@hotmail.com

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              The problem I mentioned above was not occurring through the use of a phone. The problem occurred while using the slingplayer application on my MacBook Pro.

              This problem never occurred for me until I downloaded the new firmware update. It was after applying this firmware update that the problem began happening through both my MacBook Pro which I use primarily for using Slingbox, and the same problem also occurs when I use my iPad. I've also tried connecting using a different network for fear that it might be my network causing the problem, however I still had the problem occur. This has narrowed it down to the slingbox itself as either a hardware or software issue.

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              We are having the same problem, and have not updated the slingbox, but after the problem started, we did up date our mac mini and it didn't help. It is not our network as we have two slingbox HD pro's working the same network and the other one works just fine. So whats the answer????

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                Same problem. My sling player was working fine until I applied the firmware 2.1.91

                Now my picture will not run more than 2 or 3 seconds without a freeze. Audio is fine.


                Ive tried all different versions of the client software, mac, pc, ipad.


                My bufffers are full, my connection speed is typically 1500 -3000 kbps. This is well within the required spec.

                This happens at all picture qualities, including 160x120.


                If my picture is getting choppy shouldnt this only happen when the buffer meter is empty? I may be misunderstanding what these buffers are indicative of, but the choppy picture happens at full buffs.


                Please dont ask me to review the system specs or check my bandwidth, please offer me real troubleshooting steps based on the info I have posted.


                I'm quite disappointed, the product has become unusable since late last year.

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                    We had the same problem with our slingbox last month using Mac and Pc and after re-booting it several times it just started working again. We are considering puting it on a timer that powers off for about 5 min's a day so that we don't have the problem while we are gone. But it is not answering the question why it was doing it in the frist place.

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                    Not sure if this has been resolved however...


                    I have been using sling boxes since first gen and ran into the PRO-HD freezing issue only after upgrading firmware (v2.1.80 [11/16/2010]) on that device. To be clear this is happening on a dedicated local network which has been working seemlessly with only two devices in the configuration (PRO-HD slingbox in DMZ and PC running Slingplayer). More than enough dedicated bandwidth and CPU and resource horsepower to greatly exceed minimum specs. This ensures that there are no additional environmental conditions that are impacting the playback... In this configuration, the PRO-HD started dropping frames and hanging after being upgraded to the new firmware. To be clear - this is on a dedicated local network (not running remotely over the internet).. Tested this for a while before downgrading the firmware (v2.1.80 [11/16/2010] to v1.3.170 [9/22/2009]) and re-tested to determine the root cause as I am keeping the other devices static (the router - remember, I do not have the network connected to a remote router - e.g. DSL, etc for the purpose of this testing). The result is that the dropping of frames and hanging stopped. I have not completed extensive testing with network sniffers to determine what is causing the problem (i.e. packet sizing, encryption latency, etc as suggested by some others), however, I can assure you that the downgraded firmware is working smoothly and hovers at approx. 30 fps as expected with no 'tuning' required of the slingplayer or the network. In order to stress test the configuration, I manually set the the video resolution and audio quality to the highest levels (Video bitrate, resolution, smoothness, etc) and the slingplayer (i.e. PRO-HD Slingbox) is able to deliver at 30fps with no stalling/freezing... While this is far from scientific, it leads me to believe that the firmware upgrade in the PRO-HD is causing frames to be dropped and hang (possibly due to encryption/decryption algorithms, packet size changes, buffer overrun, etc in the fimrware) by the PRO-HD combined with Slingplayer.


                    Good luck to all - but for now I will run the downgraded firmware till this gets resolved.