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    "Current network conditions not good enough"


      Until recently, my Slingbox AV worked fine.  Now I get the "current network conditions not good enough" messsage.  Video rate will jump to 900 then fall to 100, then freeze for 5-10 seconds. I 've got 10/20 FIOS and Sling Liinks.  Uninstalled and reinstalled software.   Lights on the Slingbox are good, I checked all connections to receiver, etc.  Only thing odd is that the network light on each Sling Link is blinking, so I tested the Slinglinks by connecting to each other and the lights are solid, -- apparently the problem is with the Slingbox.  I note there was a previous thread on this in May of 2010, and people who bought a replacement Slingbox saw no improvement, so I am reluctant to do that  Supposedly tech support was working on a solution -- it seemed widespread, especially among Solos, but I couldn't find any one posted.  Suggestions?