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    SlinglinkPro--blinking network light


      I have a Slingbox ProHD,slinglinks and AirPort Extreme. I moved to a new construction home (no reason to think there are 2 sep. circuits) and can't get the Pro to find the network--Network light constant blinking. Here is what I have tried:

           1  Multiple resets

           2  The lights on the sling links are a steady blue, both are plugged into the walls

           3  Changed the Ethernet cable just in case

           4  I took the Pro into the other room and connected it into the Extreme directly and the network light did finally turn solid, took it back to the 2nd room,

                  all link lights working, and plugged in the Pro--blinking light. At this point I reset it again, still blinking.

      In the old house, I used a LinkSys with the same set-up. When I upgraded to the Pro, this exact same thing happened. After trying and reading,I eventually had to call in and pay for help. Usu. I write down things if I call some one-but it is lost in the move. I do remember thinking that whatever they told me then was not a sequence that I ever would have found in all the info on line and that it was  simple in the end. Any one with help before I try calling