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    Slingbox Pro-HD-  Stopped connecting


      I have a slingbox pro hd that I bought last year (March, 2010).  This slingbox was working perfectly on any computer I used and on my IPhone.  About three weeks ago, the network light went dark and I have had problems ever since.  I can unplug, plug in, and the slingbox will work for five minutes, then the network light will go dark.  I have reset the slingbox, even called and talked to Verizon fios support to see if the problem was with my network.  Turns out verizon says the problem is not with their network.  Please help as I have tried everything under the sun to fix this problem.

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          Mine is doing the same thing I have a sling solo and I also have the sling turbo set up with it and its been doing the same thing off and on and now it won't work at all no matter how many times I restart or reset and it's not the internet! I will post if I get the problem solved! Good Luck!

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            It could also be something as simply as a faulty power supply. I've had a few members report the same issue; simply purchasing a new power suplpy (either from sling media or a universal one from any retail electronics store such as best buy, radio shack or walmart) fixed the issue.

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              My Slingbox  Pro-HD has also stopped connecting.  It started out sporatically and then just quit connecting at all.  I called home and had the SlingBox plugged and unplugged (as some other writer suggested) and it worked.  For ONE NIGHT.  Now it is not working again.  It has been working for a year previous to this flawlessly.


              Apparently some users tried buying new parts.  So is that what has to be done?  I don't think its the connection speed since nothing has changed in the last year where I am using the slingbox.


              Please help!  Donna


              The error message that accompanies lack of connection is: x092370001  Context: 20  Operation: 10.


              Hey Slingbox Tech's does the error message help figure out the problem?  Is there an error message list we can access

              I need my TV, without it i may have to work at night... Thanks...


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              Why is this link showing:


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              As far as i can see this question IS NOT ANSWERED SINCE MY SLING BOX DOES NOT WORK...


              PLEASE MAKE IT WORK... pretty pretty please...