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    SOLO Can't Control XBOX 360


      I've been very frustrated and hope I can get help.  My current setup is a Media Center PC with 3 available tuners.  I have an Xbox 360 as a media extender that takes the media such as Live TV and Video and displays to my HDTV.  All of this is working great.


      I have an older Slingbox AV and a new Slingbox SOLO.


      I can setup the Slingbox AV to IR control the xbox 360 perfectly.  Everything works great as far as control.  The problem is that it only accepts S-VIDEO and Composite and my XBOX 360/TV is using component so I can get HD.  The xbox cannot output to both the composite and component at the same time unless you turn the max resoution down which also disabled full HD.


      The Slingbox solo I thought was the perfect answer.  It has component video passthrough.  I wired everything up and the video looked fine in the slingplayer and on the HDTV.  The problem is that the exact same configuration of the video source doesn't control the XBOX.  The older AV can control it but a new SOLO cannot.  This doesn't make sense to me.  I have tried all kinds of DVR setups.  I even tried a custom dvr setup that I read here on the forums.


      I don't understand why the exact same setup would work on the older AV to control the XBOX.  I thought maybe I had a bad IR transmitter, but it works on other DVR's (that are going away)  and I have read other people having the exact same problem with the PRO-HD.



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          Hi, StephenB


          Even though you were able to control the XBox 360 as a media extender, this device is supported by the Slingbox as a DVD player.


          So, the only way to control this device with your Slingbox is as a DVD player.


          You will find the steps to follow through the following link.


          Finding your video source

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              Thanks for the input.  However, this isn't working.  This only allows basic control of the DVD player from what I can see.  I need to get to the media center functionality. Is there not a version that can get me to the media center?


              This has the same problem as the original in my post.  Pressing the arrow keys or the mapped keyboard keys does 2 moves instead of one,i.e. if I press the up navigation it sends 2 ups.