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    Device that will output to TV via HDMI and Sling via Component

    jsuttin Newbie

      So far I've been unwilling to part with the HDMI cable going from my Time Warner Cable box to my TV.  I've been looking for a device that would allow me to  watch TV via HDMI and when I'm not home and turn the TV off, let me output to my SlingBox PRO HD via component.  Time Warner Cable boxes all disable the component/composite ports when they have an HDMI cable connected to them.


      I thought I had found a winner with a TIVO Premiere because it doesn't have the same limitation as the TWC boxes.  However, Time Warner offers very reluctant support for them and has been struggling with setting it up with a Multistream PCMCIA card and a Switched Digital Video tuner box required for my TIVO to work.


      In the event that the TIVO idea doesn't pan out due to lack of support from Time Warner Cable, I'm looking for a suggestion for another device that will help me achieve output via HDMI and Component.  Any ideas?