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    Weak or video signal detected (Comcast)


      Well, when I was with Wowway, everything was fine. IPad worked, IPhone(s) worked, remote viewing worked and PC viewing worked. I switched to Comcast and now nothing works!  The furthest I can get into my Sling Box is "Weak or no video signal detected."  I tried to configure the Pro-HD on-line and the configurator does not work within Google Chrome. I then tried Internet Explorer and the on-line configurator locks up with a "cross hair" as my mouse pointer.  To add insult to injury, Sling Media technical support does not accept emails and will not take a call unless I pay them $50.00.  I purchased a Sling Box Solo, Sling Box Pro-HD, iPhone software, and iPad software and this is the type of support I receive. 


      Anyway, I know that most of these problems are created by Comcast. However, why the Sling Box HD-Pro fails to receive over the air free channels is beyond me. At least my Hauppauge 2250 tuner card is capable of receiving those oddball channels. Regardless, As a company, SlingMedia is a huge disappointment from a customer service perspective.  

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          Hi ACC136025,


          If you change the ISP or your router, you must reset the Slingbox for it to acquire a new IP address and be able to be reached over the Internet.

          Since you also mentioned that you were getting a cross sign instead of the regular cursor using Internet Explorer, you can try to reset the Internet Explorer settings and try again. Feel free to access this links to get the instructions.


          How to reset your Slingbox


          Resetting the Watch on Slingbox.com plugins for Internet Explorer (ActiveX) and Firefox



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              Christina:  Is there a good reason why you have not responded to my response to YOUR email?  Let me try this a third time: When attempting to configure my Pro-HD through the desktop software, the software simply locks with a white box. To make matters worse, I cannot configure my Pro-HD online because your website "Country Selection" screen does not work. None of the links will operate. So, your software with not allow me to configure the Pro-HD and your website "Country Selection" page does not work. Is it asking too much for you people to get your act together.  The amount of money I have spent (wasted) is substantial. Further, I have tried Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome and all fail to get me past the "Country Selection" page.

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                  Nothing beats excellent customer service. In this case, Christina must have missed the memo. I am still waiting for some type of response from SlingMedia. Anyway, perhaps anyone can help. I have the Slingbox PRO-HD and both the mobile versions for the iPhone and iPad. Because Comcast transitioned their programming to all digital, I am not longer able to use the Slingbox PRO-HD and the mobile software. Now, how am I expected to configure this hardware to operate properly?