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    Are there advanced Picture Settings on Slingbox 500?

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      Hi there,


      I know this from a Slingbox PRO-HD. I remember that after Setting the input there was an option for "Picture Settings" to set Brightness, Contrast etc..

      But on the Slingbox 500 I don't seem to find these options.. The whole Setup process was ****** enough as it is (Seriously so far I'm disappointed with the Slingbox 500),

      but now the Video looks bad as well... I have one Box connected to HDMI and a second one connected to COMPONENT. On both the Video looks greyish/dark which honestly hurts the eye


      Anybody know how to slightly increase the brightness and maybe adjust the contrast too? (I'm unable to do this on the connected devices, so it has to be done on the Slingbox)

      So if anyone owns a Slingbox 500 too, please direct me to the settings or if this is not possible please tell me too! Because then I can throw out that peace of junk and get a better working PRO-HD and a HDMI-Component converter.



      Thanks in advance