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    Poor video quality on new Lenovo T410 with Intel® HD Graphics


      I just got a brand new Lenovo thinkpad T410 laptop winXP SP3 with LED backlit LCD panel 1440x900. It has integrated Intel® GMA HD Integrated Graphics, I think chipset GMA5700MHD or the Intel HD Graphics (sometimes also called GMA HD) is the Graphics Memory Accelerator (GMA) integrated in the Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and selected Intel Core i7 processors.


      Regular video up to 1080p looks fine from DVD, youtube, VLC, mediapalyer etc many and varing codecs or any other source but Slingpayer video quality is really bad, even when streaming at 8000Kbs, even if image is correct size and not full screen, in full screen shows up pb even more.


      The same stream looks great on my 4 year old Lenovo  T60 laptop and even older IBM thinkpad T23.


      I have the same problem streaming from a Slingbox Pro HD, my Slingbox Classic in the UK and also from a remote slingbox solo in USA..


      I put the latest video drivers on the T410, no change.


      The image could be descibed as like a wet paint image that has has a horizontal combe lightly brushed down it vertically smudging the image.


      The processor is a new I5 with four threads, so slingplayer does not keep it very busy.


      In slingplayer settings I can only set, and are set are VMR and VMR9 options, the video accelerator box is greyed out, I think it has  one, maybe the problem is that slingplayer does not supprt this video chipset very well.


      The most viewable video is if I make the encoding 320x240 only so overal quality is not so good, any higher and the image is not good with the vertical smudge lines in it.


      I am using the latest slingplayer and have the same problem if I use the browser based slingwatch service.


      Anybody any ideas other than keep my old lenovo thinkpad T60 ?



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          I just saw some other posts on video quality on newer PCs, so I tried some things.


          Amazingly I found that the now quite old slingplayer 1.5 I dug out and installed works fine if I keep VMR ON but disable VMR9, fullcreen is ok as well.


          Back to slingplayer 2,4 and video is bad again, with either VRM or VRM9 enabled of disabled.


          I did find the only mode video that  is good and watchable with slingplayer 2.4 is with VMR off and VMR9 disabled and then click off 'fit to player' so I just have a 640x480 video window in slingplayer. If I make this window fullscreen I get frame skipping with sort of page rolling and one of the four CPU cores goes 100% busy, so I guess video rendering in this mode of Slingplayer 2.4 is a single threaded cpu process, would be a good candidate for multithreading in my opinion.


          So I guess for now I will live with this as being limited to watching in a window 640x480 VRM and VRM9 off in Slingplayer 2.4 or go back to Slingplayer 1.5..unfortunately the latter solution looks most promising


          I tried my external DVI 1900x1200 monitor on my laptop, same problem


          My vote it is a Slingplayer problem.